Dining on Sushi in Vegas Off the Strip

Dazzling Las Vegas, Nevada is home to it at all — thrilling gambling, wondrous shows and terrific shopping opportunities. It’s also home to a great number of quality dining establishments, some not even located on Las Vegas Strip. If you’re a big fan of Japanese cuisine and sushi, Las Vegas has a lot to offer you. All of these dining establishments are off the strip.

Shizen located at the JW Marriott, is a chic Japanese eatery that features a sushi bar. The menu offers diners a vast selection of sushi rolls, with options such as eel and cucumber, spicy tuna and shrimp tempura. Other exciting sushi options that are on the menu include surf clam, white fish, squid, smelt, snow crab, mackerel, octopus, baby yellowtail and salmon. Shizen boasts a dim and calm ambience that’s perfect for diners who just want to unwind and enjoy amazing sushi.

Sushi Loca at the bustling Centennial Center is a Japanese restaurant that has a cool and contemporary atmosphere. The interior design is unforgettable with its theme of vibrant dark red. Sushi Loca’s sashimi and sushi menu includes seared albacore, sweet shrimp, salmon egg, quail egg, giant clam, smelt egg, smoked salmon, red snapper and halibut. Diners who aren’t interested in sushi can savor meal choices such as beef teriyaki, chicken udon, pork cutlet and beef short ribs, as well.

Yama Sushi is a laid-back Mission Center dining establishment that has a rather small interior. People who want to dine on sushi buffet style are sure to appreciate this friendly all-you-can-eat establishment. Many mouthwatering specialty rolls are listed on the menu at Yama Sushi, with diverse names such as tiger roll, devil roll, Grand Canyon roll and shrimp asparagus roll. Classic rolls such as tuna rolls also make a big part of the yummy Yama Sushi menu.

Osaka Japanese Bistro is a fine family-operated business that has been in existence for a long time now. Not only does Osaka Japanese Bistro specialize in sushi, but it also specializes in teppan grill meals. Some of the restaurant’s many choices in delectable sushi favorites are freshwater eel, octopus, salmon roe, Canadian surf clam, red snapper and sea urchin. Note that abalone sushi is also offered on a seasonal basis. The restaurant has a vast selection of what they call “signature” sushi rolls. People who love ample choices in sushi are certain to adore a meal at Osaka Japanese Bistro.

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